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Aircraft Model Beechcraft King Air 300

About This Aircraft

The King Air 300 is an updated version of the successful B200 series and itself was replaced by the further improved King Air 350, which marked a significant improvement in this long running and successful line of corporate transports. The design process for improving on-board equipment began as early at August 1981 with testing beginning shortly after that time frame before finally debuting to all aviation enthusiasts around October 1982 when it first took flight. Improvements were many, with some being more obvious than others however one change stood out from them: instead of using PT6A42s like other models had done in the past; these new planes use stronger turboprop engines that produce much better results!

Cruise Altitude
24000 FT
6 H 25 min
Galley Type
Min Runway
3300 Ft
Max Golf
Max SKIs
3 FT

Beechcraft King Air 300


Comfort Pax


Aircraft Type

Price Per Hour

$1,937 - $4,272

Cruise Speed

265 KTS

Aircraft Length

43' 10

Cabin Width

4' 6

Cabin Height

4' 9

Cabin Length

19' 6


1700 NM

Baggage Capacity


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