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Baggage Capacity (ft3)

10 – 12 pieces

Cruise Speed (kts)

300 – 350 mph

IFR Range (nm)

1500 – 1800 miles

Cabin Width (ft)

4’5″ – 5’0″

Cabin Height (ft)


Load up & go

Turboprops are the workhorse of business aviation and they offer an economic solution for short distances of up to 3 – 4 flight hours. Despite the name, a turboprop is not a piston-driven aircraft. It has a jet engine or engines, which turn a propeller as opposed to a fan in a jet engine. As the name states, it has a “prop”; but this is a source of confusion for many passengers, and sometimes the confusion leads to reluctance on the part of passengers to fly them. Not to fear, turbo prop’s have some of the best records when it comes to safety and reliability. And they provide the ones who fly them access to small airports that jets cannot use. Aircraft like the King Air and Pilatus are perfect for those fliers who place a premium on price without sacrificing quality and safety.

Comfort & Size

When you want the perfect balance of comfort, speed and range. The cabin dimensions of most turboprops are comparable to the size of most light jet jets and many include a small toilet as well. They have large baggage compartments and plenty of room for skis, golf bags and even bicycles.

Turboprop Private Jet Charter Options