Aircraft model Beechcraft 1900D

Beechcraft 1900D

The Beechcraft 1900 is a 19-passenger, pressurized twin engine turboprop airplane used for regional air travel. It was designed to be able to fly in all weather conditions and can travel over 600 miles with limited runway lengths from airports effectively making it the most popular aircraft of its type due mainly to FAA certification requirements that allow pilots who hold an Airline Transport Pilot certificate (ATP) or higher qualification under FAR part 61 without any limitations on their scope as pilot-instructors
In terms of number built and continued use by various airlines around the world, this plane has proven itself time after time earning its nick name “KingAir.”

About This Aircraft



Cruise Altitude

25000 Ft


5 H 25 min

Galley Type


Max Golf


Max Skis


Min Runway

5000 Ft

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Beechcraft 1900D Specification

Comfort Pax


Aircraft Type


Price Per Hour

$2,470 - $4,448

Cruise Speed

230 Kts

Aircraft Length

57' 8

Cabin Width

4' 6

Cabin Height

5' 11

Cabin Length

25' 3


1245 Nm

Baggage Capacity

175 cu. ft.