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Temperature Controlled Pharmaceutical Air Freight

Global pharmaceutical regulations are getting stricter, and so is safety protocol for the transportation of medicines and pharmaceutical goods. This is where temperature controlled pharmaceutical air freight comes in. A necessity for all kinds of pharmaceutical products, temperature controlled logistics can save you from the possibility of shipping spoiled drugs and causing real consequences to someone’s health.

Here, we’re sharing what you need to know about shipping sensitive pharmaceuticals through an air freight company like Centurion Jets.

What are Temperature Controlled Logistics for Pharmaceuticals?

Temperature controlled logistics emphasize the importance of proper transportation, storage, and preservation of sensitive cargo. Proper care during travel depends on maintaining a certain temperature to protect the medicine from atmospheric conditions. 

This is especially imperative for pharmaceutical cargo. Sub-zero and elevated temperatures can impact a medicine’s chemical stability and alter its physical properties. This can appear by the separation of the medicine’s emulsion systems or sedimentation.

Because of the dangers of storing drugs improperly, pharmaceutical companies are facing the reality of having to prove that their products are transported safely via a supply chain with temperature control. The aviation industry is has strict regulations through the CEIV Pharma program, which holds charter carriers accountable for following safety protocol.

The industry also emphasizes the temperature range known as the “cold chain,” the range that medicines should be held at above sub-zero temperatures from the manufacturer, to the shipper, and finally to the wholesaler.

How to Choose Your Temperature Controlled Solution

The shipping companies maintain the responsibility of keeping a regulated temperature for the cargo. However, it is up to the manufacturer to ensure that they have conveyed the optimal conditions for their product and that those conditions are understood by all of the parties involved. Here are some items to consider before deciding on a temperature controlled solution:

  • What the margin of error temperature is
  • What is your acceptable risk level?
  • What is your acceptable humidity and temperature range?
  • The potential touch points and risk areas

Air freights use an active shipping system, which is effectively a large cargo container controlled by a thermostat. These are typically powered by either an external electrical source or an internal battery, and they maintain their power via a heading mechanism and large cooling fans. 

Benefits of Having a Temperature Controlled Pharmaceutical Air Freight

Here are the top benefits of combining pharmaceutical air freight and active cold chain:

  • Predictable revenues and higher freight rates
  • Specialized services can build brand loyalty with airlines
  • The ability to handle constraints on capacity during peak seasons
  • Your shipments will be more secure
  • It is a cost-effective solution

The most popular form of temperature controlled transport is air freight. Air freight is the best method for going around many time considerations, avoiding any geographical obstacles, as well as alleviating the concern of lack of railways and road infrastructure. 

Ready to Book an Air Freight For Your Sensitive Materials?

Centurion Jets is a leading company in air-transportation sensitive pharmaceutical solutions. Our team is widely trained in proper air freight transfer and updated on the CEIV Pharma protocol. Our due diligence will ensure that your delivery stays in tip top shape from the moment we receive it until it reaches its destination. 

We understand that your time and money is precious. That’s why we promise to deliver yours items in pristine condition. Contact our experienced customer support team today to book an air freight now!