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Private Jet Charter To/From Sunshine Coast Airport YBSU / MCY

Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Airport is situated at the northern end of Sunshine Coast. It is located nearly 90 km north of Brisbane centre. It also serves jet aircraft operations. The Palisade Investment Partners used to operate this airport along with the maintenance and developmental activities. It consists of one terminal along with some shopping options. There are two runways present at this airport. Moreover, this airport offers various amenities and services for passengers. Some of its amenities include baggage trolleys, parking facility, toilets, shops, eateries, etc. There is a free and fast Wi-Fi connection available in its terminal, and you can use it in your smartphones, laptops, and tablets. If you left any item in the airport or misplaced any property, you can contact your airline for assistance. You can find a pay public telephone near its arrival area. Its other amenities include baby change room, parent’s room, toilets facility, etc. You can also enjoy shopping & dining, luggage & check-in, security & Customs, etc. There are restaurants also open near this airport. You can also pre-book your hotels nearby the airport area. There are charging stations available throughout this airport. Moreover, this airport offers safety and secure facilities for passengers.






Sunshine Coast Airport Australia Location