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Samedan St Moritz

Samedan St Moritz Airport is also known as Engadin Airport, is a regional airport in Samedan in the Engadin valley of Switzerland, 5 km from St. Moritz. It is a popular airport with a variety of services that could be effective. Samedan St Moritz Airport includes one runway designated 03/21 with an asphalt pavement measuring 1800 x 40 metres. And because of the location of this airport that is at the bottom of a valley, it is not equipped with an instrument landing system. It is a public and military base airport that serves St. Moritz and Switzerland. It is also considered as one of the most challenging airports in the world because of its difficult topography and winds, and because of the thinness of the air at its altitude. In the Samedan St Moritz Airport, you may not have any scheduled passenger flights. This highest commercial airport in Europe, Samedan, also known as Engadin Airport, is used as the gateway to the popular winter resort of St Moritz. The best part is its runway that is long enough to cater for everything up to Boeing Business Jets and the Airbus A319 but is more popular with the smaller aircraft






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