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Private Jet Charter To/From Reykjavik Airport BIRK / RKV


Reykjavik Airport is situated near the centre of Reykjavik. This is the primary domestic airport which is serving Reykjavik, and it is situated 2 km from its city centre. This is having a shorter runway. Also, it majorly serves Reykjavik, Iceland. Along with that, it consists of two terminals which are located different runway areas. Its main terminal handles domestic and international traffic, and smaller terminals serve international and domestic business flights. Moreover, this airport offers various high-quality facilities for passengers. Whether you are travelling in business class or leisure, you will get a warm welcome from the airport staff. There is a bank open to providing effective currency exchange service. Suppose you are travelling with your kids then, you will be provided by a colouring book and play area. The play area is available near the south side of its terminal. Another remarkable fact of this airport is that it offers special assistance to all disabled passengers. Passengers can get unlimited and fast Wi-Fi connection which can help to pass their time. Moreover, this airport is relatively safe and secured for passengers and airport staff. You will find various upgraded features throughout this airport.






Reykjavik Airport Iceland Location