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Private Jet Charter To/From Rabah Bitat Airport DABB / AAE

Rabah Bitat

Rabah Bitat airport was previously known as Les Salines Airport. It situated 9 km south of Annaba. This airport consists of two asphalt runways and a highly modern international passenger terminal. The EGSA-Constantine used to operate this airport along with all its developmental activities. In the year2016, a new international terminal has introduced. Another remarkable thing about this airport is that it consists of a one-foot runaway. Near its terminal passengers can get various facilities such as restaurants, small shops, eateries, etc. This airport is the capacity of handling five lakhs passengers annually. But its new terminal has opened with a capacity of seven lakhs passengers annually. Also, you will find toilets throughout this airport. Along with that, it also conducts passengers ID verifications and checkpoints screening. Moreover, its airport passenger’s security is powerful and highly developed. It also manages various airlines security and safety. Another fantastic fact is that it provides multiple aviation security like air cargo security. It also conducts a baggage screening process for passengers. This airport serves hygienic and sanitized meals to passengers. There are various other developmental activities on the pipeline, and these are going to implement in the near future. Here the airport staff are using high-quality technologies such as scanners and electronic gates.






Rabah Bitat Airport Algeria Location