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Puka-Puka airport is a popular airport that is located on a small coral atoll called Puka-Puka in French Polynesia. It is situated on the eastern coast of Puka-Puka island. It is situated 3 km northeast of the Teonemahina village. The Puka-Puka Island remains quite isolated from the other islands that are present in the Tuamotu Archipelago. The airport features a single runway that can accommodate a single aircraft only. It offers scheduled services to only two regional destinations. However, no international airlines provide direct flights to Puka-Puka island. The airport has a small and singular building, Moreover, you cannot find any other facility at the Puka-Puka airport. The small airport on the isolated island is well-maintained. But it does not have frequent flights as very few people travel to the Puka-Puka island. The summer season is considered the right time of the year to travel to the island. Air Canada, Air Rarotonga, and British Airways are among the popular airlines that serve the airport of Puka-Puka Island. You can easily find transportation means and reach the airport. Even though the airport lacks the various facilities that are offered by other big airports, it ensures the comfort and convenience of travelers.





Puka-Puka Airport French Polynesia Location