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Private Jet Charter To/From Paro Airport VQPR / PBH


Paro airport is known to be one amongst the extreme airports in the whole world. It has a shigh and short runway that is surrounded by high mountain peaks and a valley. The pilots need to be very careful while they land and take off their flights to/from this airport. They need to be specially certified for landing and taking off flights to/from this airport. Even the largest aircraft can land here but with specific guidance and certifications of pilot. There are special landing procedures followed by the airport authority and the pilots to take tight turns for controlling a very specific approach. The runway and the airport premises are so big that it can even accommodate A319-100 Air Bus and other flights of similar size and weight. If you are willing to travel from/to this airport in chartered flights or private jets, you must make sure that you get in touch with private air charter service providers to get all the procedures handled. Once your booking is done, you can head to/from this airport. The private firms will also take care of acquiring the permissions required from the airport authorities for you to travel without much hassles.






Paro Airport Bhutan Location