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Alesund Airport


Alesund Airport consists of two runways and has one terminal building. The facilities are limited in the building as the space is small. But even with these less facilities, you get a duty free shop, couple of stores and food shops within the terminal for the passengers to find something to keep them busy until their flight arrives. For the VIP passengers, there is a separate premium lounge to avail the privacy and luxury statement while they halt in the Alesund airport. There are many flights operated by the airport within Europe. Out of all the flights, some flights to select destinations are seasonal from Alesund Airport.
The runways are used adequately by the control team to manage the in & out flow of flights. There are many flights that are operated throughout the day. Therefore, to ensure that the time management is optimal, Alesund airport prefers operating with two runways. This airport is located in Norway and is very much popular amongst the civilians. There is a separate section of lounges for the passengers at each boarding gate. Therefore, you do not have to sit far away from your boarding gate while you wait for your flight to get parked.

Alexandria Aerodrome

Alexandria Aerodrome is not considered to be as an airport as no scheduled flights run on its runway. It is a small air strip where only smaller flights such as chartered planes and private jets usually land. If some of the airports have facilities of transporting passengers with smaller flights with permission then they can land here at Alexandria Aerodrome. It is situated near the Ontario/Quebec border. Moreover, it is also near to the Montreal Terminal airspace. All the general aviation activities are done here.
Along with that, the Alexandria Aerodrome consists of a skydiving school and a glider group to coach the individuals who turn up. These groups utilize the aerodrome ground for their training space. There are only grass runways available within the Alexandria Aerodrome which indicates that only private jets and chartered planes can land or take off from this air strip. If you are moving from or to Alexandria Aerodrome then you might need to get in touch with the respective service providers. They will arrange you private jets to commute to/from Alexandria Aerodrome. There are many private firms who offer such services to help you utilise this tiny aerodrome area for your travelling needs.

Alexandroupoli Airport


Alexandroupoli Airport is a small international airport serving in the city of Alexandroupoli. The airport is located in the distant Northeast location of Greece. The locals also named it as Dimokritos Airport which was named after the ancient philosopher of Abdera, Democritus. This airport consists of an asphalt runway and a small terminal building with necessary facilities. Even though there are fewer facilities, you still get a bar and buffet to relax and chill while you wait for your flight to arrive. Apart from that, the other facilities such as lounge, stores and shops are limited. The location of the airport is prone to withstand curfews. Therefore, the opening hours of the airport varies throughout the year.
Even though the airport is small, the flow of passengers is always high here. The curfews do trouble the travellers at times but in the normal days, the flights are always on time and the management staffs complete all the processes within a short span of time. With the lack of facilities due to the space, the airport tries to put in efforts to improve the service aspects within the premises to ensure that some flaws can be overlooked by the passengers. The assisting staffs are very co-operative to help you check-in and board the flight if you are not aware of the process.

Alghero Airport

Alghero Airport

Alghero airport was a military airport when it started back in 1938. Today, with all sorts of modernization and re-development, Alghero airport is a domestic terminal and is also used as a flight school for the pilot aspirants. The renovation works are continuing till date to constantly evolve the capacity and efficiency of the air terminal. The ideas are within the pipeline and Alghero airport is eyeing towards increasing the space by three times. The size will be increased in both landside and air side. As of now, the number of shops and other facilities are less but the expansion has some great plans for adding facilities as well.
As per the plan in the pipeline, Alghero airport is about to add 30 new shops, stores, bar, club and others. Along with that, there will be separate lounges for usual and VIP travellers. The travellers who are willing to avail enhanced privacy and comfort can avail the VIP lounge services at the Alghero airport post-expansion. Currently the airport is operating many flights and has great passenger traffic. But to cope up with the space hassle, Alghero airport is all set to expand the area. New terminals might also be built within this plan of expansion.

Algiers International Airport

Algiers International

Algiers International Airport is also named as Houari Boumediene Airport. It is one of the popular international airports of Algeria. The airport is located right next to the capital of the country, Algiers. There are three terminals available in this airport. It indicates the potential of passenger and flight handling capacity of the airport. One of these terminals is specifically used for pilgrimage and chartered flights. The other two terminals are designated for international and domestic flights. It is one of the biggest airports of Algeria that has two asphalt runways capable of withstanding most of the larger aircrafts.
The chartered flight terminal is destined only for handling the smaller flights. If you want to travel to/from Algiers International airport through chartered flights then you might need to get in touch with the right service providers and book your flight or private jet. There is no separate runway for such flights as only the parking bay or terminal is categorized for such smaller flights to keep the other two terminals clear for scheduled flights to park. Not all airports have the ability to create runways for most of the largest aircrafts, but Algiers airport has preparations for the same.

Alicante Airport


Alicante Airport is known as the sixth largest airport in all of Spain. It is located 9km southwest to the capital of the country, Muncipality of Eliche. The airport was pretty out dated till 2010 but after March, 2011, it got redeveloped and modernized. A new terminal was added onto the Alicante Airport that replaced the older terminals. It is one of the best modifications made to the airport in such a long time. It is so because after the renovation was done, there was a whopping record breaking passenger count of 8.8 million in the year 2012.
The terminal had all the facilities and amenities that attracted the travellers of all types to board flight from this airport to avail luxury and hospitality. The people who are living the closest to this airport will never miss a chance to board flight from this new modernized airport. The Alicante airport handles a lot of flights and passengers every week with a co-operative and skilled staff. Not just that, but Alicante airport also allows chartered planes to land and take off. If you want to fly from/to Alicante airport in chartered or private flight then you might have to reach out to the respective service providers or airport authority.

Alice Springs Airport

Alice Springs

Alice Springs has a regional airport right outside the city. It is situated here in the city for giving travellers an easy transportation medium for exploring the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. It is a very famous park across the globe where many indigenous plant varieties are found. People who visit Australia do take a flight to Alice Springs to explore this part. The terminal is very small in the Alice Springs airport. But there is a souvenir shop and a small café for the travellers or tourists to hang out. The space is restricted due to which more shops cannot set-up here.
If you are native of Australia or a tourist and want to travel to/from Alice Springs with a private jet or chartered flight, then the airport authority has permissions for that as well. You just have to reach out to private service providers or airport authorities for the facility. The charges are nominal and you will be able to experience the enhanced privacy and luxury in the flights during your travel from/to Alice Springs. If you have travelled all the way to Australia, then you must visit this city to explore the beauty of it. Moreover, the transportation is also convenient now with the Alice Springs Airport being fully functional.

Allahabad Airport


Allahabad airport was built back in 1919 which was earlier an Air Force base. Earlier it was names as Bamrauli Air Force Base. It is located on the outskirts of the Allahabad city, near about 12km. Until 1936, it was being operated as an international airport. The terminal capacity of the Allahabad airport today is only 72 passengers and has very limited facilities. As the space and operations are less here, the facilities are also limited. Moreover, the best part is that Allahabad airport is the home to one amongst the five Central Air Commands of Indian Air Force. This airport is located in Uttar Pradesh, India and is one of the smallest airports of the country.
As compared to the other big airports, this is considerably for lesser scheduled flights. Even though the flights scheduled here are moving to/from big destinations across the nation but the availability of flights is less here. In addition to that, if you are planning on moving to/from Allahabad airport through chartered flights, you can talk to respective service providers to arrange it for you. The prices seem nominal for the same and you can enjoy your own privacy and luxury.

Almaty International Airport

Almaty International

Almaty International Airport was built back in 1935 and has ready plans for expanding the airport area with new terminal and increased capacity to hold more international flights. With the new terminal idea that is to be implemented will result in increasing the passenger holding capacity to 2500 passengers every hour. It is one of the biggest airports of Kazakhstan and is already capable of holding a heavy volume of passengers. With a new terminal, the capacity of holding international flights would increase. As per the records, around 4,003,004 passengers walked through the doors of Almaty International Airport in the year 2012 only.
There are many facilities within the Almaty International Airport premises such as duty free shopping stores, stores, shops, dine-in restaurants, etc. All these facilities are available for all the passengers to explore and enjoy till the time their flight gets parked in the boarding bay. After the expansion process is conducted, the number of stores and shops would also increase. Moreover, the overall infrastructure will also get a redevelopment. The authorities have a plan to add a complete new shopping mall and a cinema hall within the airport premises. There is a chance that Marriot Hotel will also open its branch within the airport.

Almeria Airport


Almeria Airport has the capacity to handle almost all big flights. It has a modernized terminal and has been permitted for further extension. With the extension plan being implemented, the space of the Almeria Airport will be increased and the capacity of holding passengers and flights will also multiply. The airport is located 9 km east to Almeria. The airport has a terrace where you can stand and admire the beauty of the flights taking off and landing on the runways. This airport also has amazing shops and stores for you to explore while you halt in the airport waiting for your flight.
There are some food stores where you can satisfy your food cravings before you board the flight. Moreover, after the expansion, there will be lounges within the terminals for the passengers to relax and rest if the flight gets delayed due to any reason. Along with that, the Almeria airport also allows private jets and chartered flights to land and take off from the premises. Therefore, if you are willing to travel to/from Almeria then you might have to get in touch with the service providers or airport authority who can arrange one for you.


Along Airport is located in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, India. The airport is located 2km away from the city of Along. Along Airport is also commonly known as Aalo airport. It is a military terminal made especially for the purpose. It has a capacity of 20 passengers. Back in the year 2011, the Indian Air Force requested the airport authority to clear the surrounding land of 7 acres and eradicate all the obstacles to seek development of a Civil Enclave. After this, the request was fulfilled and the decisions were implemented. It is a small air strip for the military planes and choppers to land. It is more like an aerodrome than an airport.
Even if it is meant for the military flights and choppers, the private jets and chartered flights can land and take off from this airport with special permissions. The airport authorities or private service providers can arrange the service as per your needs and requirements. The prices are also nominal for taking a private jet to your desired destination or land in Along airport. You get luxury and privacy when you pick up the option of commuting through private jet or chartered planes. Along airport has that facility and you can avail it.

Alotau Airport


Alotau airport is also popularly known as Gurney Airport, after the Royal Australian Air Force Squadron Leader, named C.R. Gurney. It is located at 88 feet elevation above the mean sea level. The airport has a single runway for general aviation facilities. Alotau airport has all the amenities and facilities to ensure optimum comfort and convenience for the passengers. The airport has enough seats to enable travelers to wait comfortably when the flights get delayed. It accommodates several passenger airlines that operate from Australia, Cairns to Gurney. It also accommodates the freight services as essential. Alotau airport aims at making the flying experience of the people as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. For this reason, the airport houses a wide array of dining, entertainment, and other services and facilities. The restaurants present in the airport offer high quality, fresh and healthy food to the passengers. The free and fast Wi-Fi internet connectivity offered at the airport allows the customers to enjoy their time while waiting to board their flights. The airport also has several duty-free shops that allow travelers to get all the essentials they require for their travel. All the facilities and amenities help in enhancing the overall experiences of the passenger.