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Aktion National Airport

Aktion National Airport

Aktion Airport also known as Aktion National Airport primarily serves Preveza region in the Greece. It also serves the Lefkadazone in the Greeze. The Aktion National Airport is also called Preveza Airport. Distinguishing part about the airport is that NATO and Hellenic Air Force Commands also use this. It is one of the oldest airports in Greece that got functional for the first time ever in the year 1968.
Closest airport that connects the Aktion national airport is the Loannina airport (IOA), loannina, which is situated at around 87 kms from Aktion National Airport. Similarly, the Kefallinia Airport (EFL), Kefallinia is also situated at around 91 kms from Aktion National Airport.
Since inception, the airport has witnessed significant transformation. To be specific, its look was significantly improved in 2017. Along thorough cleaning, the lighting facility of the airport was improved significantly having the airside zones being marked. One can enjoy super fast Wi-Fi connectivity within the airport along with top-notch sanitary facility. Safety standard has bene quite remarkable here as well.
The airport had witnessed 625,790 numbers of passengers in the year 2019. Through the process, it had witnessed a hike of 7.2 percent in terms of the passengers.

Akulivik Airport

Akulivik airport

Akulivik airport is situated at around 3 km from the southwest of Akulivik, Canada. The airport is enriched with a massive 3.521 x 100 ft, and 1073 x 30 m runway. The runway is well furnished with made with gravel. The airport is functioned by the Kativik Regional Government. Akulivik Airport primarily is meant for serving the Ungava Peninsula domain with local destinations connecting to Montreal.
In terms of car rental services, there is no counter one can find in the terminal of the airport. Hence, the visitors are highly recommended to have their orders booked well in advance. As far as facilities are concerned, one should expect only of the very basic levels where one can’t find shopping zone or gastronomy. Those in search of the accommodation in close proximity of the airport can reach Iglu Hôtel De La Coopérative D’Akulivik, which is only 3 km away from it.
Be it about public transport or private, one need to communicate with private service providers. However, parking is a concern here as the airport doesn’t assign any specific space For the disabled passengers, it is suggested to communicate with the airline much prior, or a minimum of 48 h ours prior to the flight.


It is one of the popular airports of Iceland. There are 4 airports in Iceland out of which it is the only one airport that is serving the northern Iceland regions. There are daily flights to most of the regions of Iceland. In addition to that, there are flights that take off and land to & from international destinations. There are flights that can help you move to Greenland. It is not a very big airport for which it has only one runway and one terminal. There are less flights that run throughout the day as compared to bigger airports but the flow of travellers is always high here.
The airport is open between 7 am to 11pm every day and 365 days a year. As the airport is small, the facilities available within the terminals are also less. There are less stores and shops for you to pass your time. The comfort resting options are also minimal. You can get flights in every few hours to Reykjavik and other smaller airports across Iceland at Akureyri airport. Moreover, you can also take a chartered plan to/from the Akureyri Airport. You just have to get in touch with the right person for it.

Al Ain

Al Ain Airport is located in the outskirts of the city Al Ain. It is located 8 miles to the NW of the city. It is an international airport which was inaugurated back in March, 1994. As per the records are considered, this airport handles 4000 passengers and 14 flights every week. These statistics gives a clear indication that Al Ain Airport is the 5th most busies airports of UAE. There are certain plans within the pipeline seeking expansion of the airport to make it more feasible for the travellers to come, halt and fly to their desired destinations.
There are many development projects already planned for this airport. The authorities are planning on increasing the parking, terminals and other facilities to give passengers a sense of luxury and comfort while they are in the airport. Apart from the hospitality within the airport, these amenities do matter that attracts the people to come take their flights or land in a particular airport. Keeping this in mind, Al Ain Airport of UAE is putting efforts to develop the existing infrastructure and make it outstanding for the future travellers. You can also pick charter flight services to and from Al Ain Airport at nominal prices. Get in touch with the right person to know more about it.

Al Arish Airport

Al Arish

Al Arish is yet another small airport that has recorded only 6000 passengers in the year 2011. There are many less travellers who walk in or out through the doors of Al Arish Airport. Even though the airport is small, there is a fair amount of traffic volume within. Amongst all the passengers, the most number of them are Palestinian who are traveling due to their religious excursions. Even though the airport is small, it is closes to the Gaza strip. Therefore, it is considered as one of the most important airports in entire North African Republic of Egypt.
It is true that the count of passengers here is less but there are flights to various destinations that you can board from here. Along with that, the service facility of chartered plane is also available for the people to travel all around Egypt and international destinations in their private jets or chartered planes at an affordable pricing. For that, you might need to talk to the airport authorities or any private organization that have their flights running in the airport for providing you the service facility. Go ahead and talk to the respective professionals to get your free price quote for booking the chartered planes to or from this airport.

Al Baha Airport

Al Baha

Al Baha Airport is the small domestic airport that is located in the state of Al Bahah. The city is the capital of Al Bahah Province. The airport is small and consists of only one terminal and runway. The terminal building is also small with fewer facilities due to the restrictive size of the airport. There are many flights moving throughout the day to almost all destinations of Saudi Arabia. The most common flights that take off and land are to/from Riyadh, Jaddah and Dammam. The flight services are scheduled accordingly.
The airport is situated in a small place for which the development projects are also on halt. But there are some ideas in the pipeline that the authorities are planning on integration to ensure that the small space could be utilised for offering convenience to the passengers. The facilities such as resting lounge, shops, stores and others are limited for now as the space within the terminal building is very restrictive. Even though there is just one runway and terminal, the flow of flights and passengers is high all the time. You can also book charter planes to/from this airport to/from any destinations across Saudi Arabia. You just have to look for the right service providers.

Al Hoceima

Al Hoceima Airport is located in the city of Al Hoceima. The city is a beautiful tourist spot that has a lot of Mediterranean beaches. The city is named after Al-Idrisik, Muslim geographer & cartographer. As the passengers come in with a heavy flow, it is states as the second busiest airport in all of Northern Morocco. The airport is not that big but is still one of the most preferable one for the travellers who are travelling to Al Hoceima. It has one runway which is constructed 29m above sea level.
Along with that, there is a duty free shop for the travellers or passengers to buy some goods without any additional taxes on it. Even though the airport is small, there are still some dine in shops for you to have your delicious food before you get into your flight. The facilities are still somehow limited but are enough to give the travellers a comfortable waiting time while inside the airport. The hospitality and atmosphere of the airport is luxurious. It does have a crunch on space aspects but smaller facilities are enough to help you relax peacefully under the cold breeze of the airport atmosphere until your flight gets parked and ready to take off.

Albacete Airport


Albacete Airport was opened in 2003 for the civilian traffic. After then, the amount of traffic flow was high in this airport. The Albacete Airport is located in the Los Lianos Air Base which is 4 miles away from the city of Albacete. Albacete is the capital of Albacete Province. It is one of the most popular airports of Spain but not in terms of passengers or travellers but for teaching the students who are opting their profession as pilots. It consists of one terminal building and one runway for take-off and landing of flights. There are no scheduled flights that operate from this airport. You can only avail flights through chartered planes or private jets to/from this airport.
Along with that, there is a flying school started in this airport to teach the young pilot aspirants. Moreover, some of the general flying operations are also conducted in this airport. Once it was opened for civilians in 2003, the chartered plane services were offered to the people for commuting to and from different destinations through this airport. You just have to get in touch with the authorities or the private firms offering these services to help make traveling easy for you through the Albacete Airport.

Albenga Airport


Albenga airport is also named as Clemente Panero International Airport. It is a small airport that consists of only one runway and terminal. As the size of the airport is small, the facilities available within the premises are also limited. Though there are many development plans in the pipeline, there is no much space available for execution. For the passengers or travellers, there is a small parking place to park their vehicles. Along with that, as per the flight schedules, the airport is only open from 8:30 to 18:30. As all the running flights operate within this time span, the airport operations are also closed after 18:30.
As the plan of expansion of the airport is still under development, there is a possibility that this airport might operate 24 hours with more flights and passengers. It is one of the popular airports of Italy and with proper development and inclusion of facilities, people would prefer this airport above others. Moreover, there are chartered plane services available to/from this airport. You can take private jet or chartered planes to your desired destination. You have to get in touch with the firms offering such services or talk to the airport authorities to guide you with the process.


Albury is one of the biggest airports of Australia that deals with over 247,000 passengers every year. It is one of the busiest airports and has over 150 flights taking off and landing from/to Albury airport every week. As per the statistics are concerned, the Albury airport is the third busiest airport of Regional New South Wales. There are more than one terminals and a control tower to manage the flights. There is more than one runway available for the airport authorities to manage and control the movement of the flight.
The staffs of the airport are very much skilled and trained to speed up the process to avoid flight delays. The facilities are uncountable as there are many shops, stores and dine-in restaurants for the travellers to halt and relax until their flight gets parked and ready to board. Along with the facilities there is a premium lounge for the passengers to wait and relax. Moreover, the hospitality staff within the airport for respective airlines will also help you throughout the process from ticketing to flight boarding. If you are willing to travel with chartered plane or private jet then there are service providers who can help you with it. Talk to the authorities to know more on it.

Alderney Airport


Alderney Airport is the closest channel airport for both France and England. There are two grass runways and one asphalt runway for bigger flights. There is a small terminal building that has check-in counters and to process the passengers to scheduled flights. The space is less for which the utilisation is done accordingly. There is an arrival room and departure lounge to make the passengers comfortable while they are waiting for flight during departure or are waiting for their cab after arrival. The best part of this Alderney airport is that is operated throughout the year without a single day off.
The operating hours might be fluctuating or seasonal based upon which the scheduled flights are planned. The facilities are limited within the airport as in stores, shops and restaurants due to the restriction in terms of space. Though there are plans of expansion in the pipeline, the authorities need to implement it only after considering the space and location of the airport. Moreover, there are chartered flight services also available for the civilians to avail. They just need to reach out to the right person in-charge to book their chartered planes or private jets to move to/from Alderney Airport.

Aleppo Airport


Allepo airport was upgraded and renovated in 1999. As the modern airports were improving their facilities, Allepo decided not to stay back in the race. Aleppo airport has experienced the taste of modernization with the inclusion of new facilities. Along with that, new terminal was also introduced within the airport but all the flights were suspended in 2012 for the airport and in 2013, the airport was shut down due to the Syrian Civil War. It was a downtime for the airport and also for the passengers who were stuck there without a source of transportation.
But after the war was over, the airport authority adapted several measures to ensure that the buildings can be reopened once again for the flights to take off and land. All the measures implemented by the authorities came to action in January, 2014. After it was reopened again, the flow of passengers got back to normal just like nothing happened ever. Since then, the airport has never experienced a reduced flow of passengers in the terminals. Along with that, the Aleppo airport has also allowed charter flight services to their passengers. You have to get in touch with the service providers to book your flights.