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Private Jet Charter To/From Norfolk Island Airport ICAO / NLK

Norfolk Island

The Norfolk Island Airport is a popular airport, which is also sometimes called Norfolk Island International Airport. Norfolk Island Airport is located at Burnt Pine 2899, Norfolk Island. And it is an island airport which is situated on Northfolk Island, which is an external territory of Australia. During world war two the Norfolk Island Airport was initially opened as a defensive base. The best thing about this airport is that it serves both passenger and cargo aircraft. Norfolk Island Airport has two runways and a small passenger terminal. You may find a number of necessary facilities in the Norfolk Island Airport terminal, including a café. You may find a small cargo terminal for processing cargo aircraft that use the airport in this airport. This cargo terminal is adjacent to the terminal building. You must know that Norfolk Island Airport is relatively small, and it can handle aircraft up to a Boeing 737 or similar in size. Norfolk Island Airport also popular as in this airport private jets are welcome at this airport. But if you want to get a private plane, then Norfolk Island Airport should be contracted directly to arrange landing slots.






Norfolk Island Airport Australia Location