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Mount Hargen

Mount Hargen Airport is considered the second biggest airport in Papua New Guinea. And this airport is located in the Waghi Valley, 13 km north-east of Mount Hagen, the capital of the Western Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea. The best part of the Mount Hargen Airport is that it has one terminal and two runways. And this airport is owned and operated by the National Airports Corporation of Papua New Guinea. Mount Hargen Airport is the popular airport that serves the city of Mount Hargen. It is also referred to as Kagamuga Airport. In the year 2015, the brand new terminal building was opened, which approximately costs $23 million. The terminal building in Mount Hargen Airport contains a number of facilities for its passengers and tourists which they could enjoy. You may find a wide range of shops and restaurants where you could spend your time. Mount Hargen Airport was used to re-route the flights of Air Niugini from Wapnamanda due to maintenance works at the runways performed by the national Airport Corporation. Mount Hargen Airport also includes the baggage x-ray machine that was supplied by the Australian Government, Department of Home Affairs.





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