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Private Jet Charter To/From MAUN Airport FBMN / MUB


Maun Airport offers flights across Delta and various other nearby locations. This airport serves Maun town, which is situated in the northwest district of Botswana. Also, this airport is famous as the central hub for Air Botswana and Mack Air. It also operates many charter flights regularly. This airport includes various facilities such as check-in desks, seating areas, toilets, café, etc. Its light charter flights are allowing very few amounts of luggage per individual. Also, You can charter any particular flights for trips. Maun Airport has a single terminal that serves some regional routes. Near its main terminal, you will find some shops and eateries. There are many hotels also present nearby this airport. Here, you will not get any flight after sunset. You can also find rental cars or vehicles near this airport according to your destination. Also, these rental vehicles are available at reliable prices. The taxi facilities are also available near this airport. You will also find washrooms at this airport. The airport is closed during night times so that you can pre-book nearby hotels to stay. In case you have any service related queries or questions, then you can also ask any airport staff. They will help you with your doubts and questions.






MAUN Airport Botswana Location