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Private Jet Charter To/From Lae Nadzab Airport AYNZ / LAE

Lae Nadzab

Lae Nadzab Airport is one of the known airports that is located 42 km away from the city of Lea. It is basically a regional airport for the province of Morbe. The airport was built a century ago in 1910. Earlier it was used as a mission station. After few years, the development work commenced and the airport was developed to be functional for the commercial flights. The airport is now equipped with all sorts of facilities meant for commercial aviation as well as private aviation. People can travel to/from this airport in their private jets or chartered flights. Now, there are private firms who are providing chartered flights or private jets on rent for the passengers to travel to their desired destinations. You just have to reach out to the air charter service providers to convey your needs and get a price quote. Once you get the quote you can seek your booking options and finalize the chartered flight travel date and time to confirm it. All the important procedures for seeking airport permission will be done by the firm. This airport has limited facilities but sufficient for the passengers to avail comfort and luxury during their wait time.





Lae Nadzab Airport Papua New Guinea Location