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Incheon International

Incheon International Airport is also named to be Seoul-Incheon International airport. It is also termed as one of the busiest airports across the globe. The airport was opened back in 2001 and prior to that it went through 8 years of long construction period. This airport was built to ensure that the load and traffic on the Gimpo International airport can be controlled by directing some of the passengers towards Incheon International. The idea of constructing this airport originated after the 1988 Seoul Olympics when the rush of passengers was high in the airports of South Korea. Gimpo International airport was not equipped with enough capacity to handle so much of air traffic. Therefore, Incheon International Airport construction began after few years of this realization. Moreover, this airport is also ranked and rates as the best international airport by Skytrax. Along with that, there is one single terminal in this airport which is the cleanest airport terminal across the globe. There are loads of amenities in this airport which includes restaurants, designer stores, bakeries, bars and others for the enjoyment of the passengers while they wait for their flights. Along with that there are indoor gardens, spas, casinos and ice skating rink for additional fun of the passengers.






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