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Gibraltar International

Gibraltar International Airport is also known as the North Front Airport. It is the civilian airport that serves the British overseas territory of Gibraltar. The Ministry of Defense owns the Gibraltar International Airport runway for use by the Royal Air force as RAF Gibraltar. The air navigation services hold the contract for the provision of National air traffic services. The Gibraltar International Airport is a pretty unique airport as it has a runway over the ocean. The runway that is out over the ocean is built on rock excavated from the Rock of Gibraltar. And the best part is that the island’s road intersects the runway. But whenever there is a landing or take off the main road are to be closed. This popular international airport was built in the year 1939. Per day average number of two flights is departing from Gibraltar International Airport. Before Brexit came along, the Gibraltar International Airport may be tiny but has already had a significant impact on the European Union’s aviation policy. Gibraltar International Airport is considered the most dangerous airport in Europe. And one of the scarier aspects of this airport is a busy street that intersects the runway.






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