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Private Jet Charter To/From Bilbao Airport LIRQ / FLR


Bilbao Airport is a big airport with new terminal introduced in 2000. It has unique design for which it has gained a lot of popularity amongst the people. It has two winds and is named as ‘La Paloma’ which signified ‘The Dove’. It is located 12km away from the Biscay Province capital. Moreover, it is considerably the largest airport in Northern Spain and Basque Country. It consists of a single terminal for passengers where it consists of restaurants, shops, cafeterias and other recreational facilities for the passengers to relax and enjoy until their scheduled flight arrives. Along with that, you also get VIP lounges to offer luxury and privacy to the people who want a special hospitality while they wait for their flights to park at the bay. The VIP lounge is equipped with Wi-Fi and there are two runways that allows private jets and chartered flights to land or take off. There are asphalt made runways in this airport that has the capability to handle big passenger flights. If you are willing to avail the comfort and luxury during the flight travel, then go for booking the chartered flights or private jets for your travel to/from Bilbao Airport.






Bilbao Airport Italy Location