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Private Jet Charter To/From Bern Airport LSZB/LSMB / BRN


Bern Airport is located within a short distance from the town, Belp. The airport hosts flight all across Europe along with some flights to different seasonal destinations. There is one asphalt runway to handle take-off and landing of heavy flights. Along with that, this airport also has a helipad and glider area. The single terminal building was having limited facilities until the renovation in 2011. The terminal building did introduce new luxury features within the building to ensure that the passengers get enough facilities to explore while they wait for the flight. Along with that, the airport also has permissions for allowing chartered flights to land or take off to/from this airport. Therefore, the private air charter service providers make sure that the VIP treatment can be offered to the passengers who love luxury and comfort while travelling to/from Bern Airport. Passengers who need to book the private jets need to take the permission of the airport authority and reach out to the service providers to get their flights booked. Enjoy the privacy and luxury aspects of travelling in the chartered flights at the best affordable pricing. You can decide your own time and schedule when you book your private jets.






Bern Airport Switzerland Location