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BARDUFOSS AIRPORT is the primary airport situated at Bardufoss in Malselv Municipality in Troms of Finnmark county, Norway. Here in this airport, there is one terminal building and a single runway facilitated by different cafés and shops. And you may also find plenty of rooms for parking as well as for car hire option in the BARDUFOSS AIRPORT that too easily and quickly without any problem. This popular airport also sits within the Bardufoss Air Station, which is mainly used as a training ground for fighter aircraft. The BARDUFOSS AIRPORT includes the most extensive helicopter base in the country. The best thing about this airport is that it is surrounded by the beauty of the mountains, which makes it the best place for tourist attractions. For the tourist, Bardufoss is an excellent place as there are many places to visit. You may find any other small local airports in Bardufoss, but the BARDUFOSS AIRPORT is the major one among the other airports with full useful services. You could also get the private jet services to enjoy the comfortable flight to BARDUFOSS AIRPORT. And this charter service is available for both business and leisure purposes.






BARDUFOSS Airport Norway Location