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Private Jet Charter To/From Arba Minch Airport Airport HAAM / AMH

Arba Minch Airport

Arba Minch Airport is a small airport that is located in the outskirts of the city Arba Minch. Even though it is on the outskirts, people can easily gain access to this airport via road. The airport consists of a small terminal that has the capacity of accommodating moderate number of passengers. Along with that this airport also has an apron where up to four small aircrafts can be accommodated. These small aircrafts can be the chartered flights that the people can book and use for travelling to/from Arba Minch Airport. The airport was accessible completely for the civilians after 2016. Before that, the airport was being used by the US Air Force for several military operations. This operation continued from 2011-2016. Now, the military is not operating on this airport anymore for which the authorities have planned to evolve this airport to add more facilities onto it. There are private service providers who can help you out in booking chartered flights or private jets to/from Arba Minch Airport. You just have to get in touch with the airport authorities and do the formalities to go ahead and book your private jet to explore privacy and comfort to the next level.






Arba Minch Airport Airport Ethiopia Location