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Arar Domestic

Arar domestic airport is a small airport that is located in the east of Arar city. The area is small and the airport consists of a very small terminal. This terminal has less facilities as per the space is concerned. But there are almost all domestic flights running within Saudi Arabia. It has a single asphalt runway which is strong enough to withstand the landing and take-off of heavy flights. People from different parts of the world are aware of this airport. Even though it is a small airport with basic amenities, people still find it way too useful for commuting to most of the regions of Saudi Arabia. The international flights do not land or take off here. You can also book charter flights to/from Arar Domestic Airport with special permissions and bookings. Charter flights can ensure you better comfort and more privacy while you commute from any place to Arar. You will just have to reach out to the right person who handles the booking of chartered flights and get your bookings done at affordable pricing. Moreover, you can also get in touch with the airport authorities to get details on how chartered flights can be booked and who can help you out with it.






Arar Domestic Airport Saudi Arabia Location