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Private Jet Charter To/From Antananarivo Airport FMMI / TNR


It is one of the largest airport present on the island. This Antananarivo airport can offer you various flights connected to Africa, Europe and Asia. Along with that, it has two terminal facilities to handle domestic and international traffic easily. In that airport, you can get to the city centre, exhibition complex and conference centre. For shopping also you can find shops in the airport. Another fantastic thing about Antananarivo airport is that it has reliable accessibility for any disabled person. In the first floor of the airport, you will get various facilities. You can also get some hotels near that airport area. If you are opting for online booking of hotels, then it would be best. But Antananarivo has limited restaurants. Suppose you have lost any of your belongings or baggage then you can take help from the information desk which situated near the central hall. This airport is otherwise known as Madagascar airport. Also, multiple security checkpoints are available in this airport which used during its departure process. You can also take rest at this airport. And if you want to enjoy a hassle-free process, then you can also take help from airport guides. In this airport, you can also enjoy 24-hour beverage and food facilities.






Antananarivo Airport Madagascar Location