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Ankara airport

Ankara airport is the International Airport situated in Ankara, which is known as the capital city of Turkey. It is otherwise known as Esenboga International airport. This public Airport is located adequately in Esenboga town, which is 28km away from Ankara. Among all the Airports of Turkey, it ranked on 4th position in terms of a total passenger. Every day near about 40,000 passengers is coming to this Airport with across 20 international airlines which defines a good number of passenger traffic. The attractive construction and architectural design get more appreciations from airport authorities and passengers. Also, Ankara airport won the award of best Airport in Europe in 2009. It has 138 check-in counters along with common-use terminal workstation for helping passengers to get complete integrated processing solution. Also, Ankara International airport has a well-equipped security system for passengers, including many metal gate detectors and X-ray systems. For baggage handling this Airport using high-end of software suite, that provides end-to-end operational control for all real-time control. There is two runway present in Ankara International airport.Along with that, the airport maintenance facility is relatively high quality. The EMAIR Aviation established the maintenance facility for Ankara International airport. Its parking facility is also relatively high standard and secure.






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