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Private Jet Charter To/From Anglesey RAF Valley Airport EGOV / VLY

Anglesey RAF Valley

Anglesey RAF Valley Airport is meant for both civilians as well as military. It is a joint airport that has separate base for serving the dedicated operations. In this airport, you will find a small terminal that operates with upto 10 flights in a day. The terminal was built back in 2007 and the airport has gone through many expansions since then. The airport also welcomes the private flights onto their bay. It is home to the sea king helicopters that take off and lands here in the Anglesey RAF Valley Airport. As the terminal is small, there are fewer facilities within the premises. But there are enough facilities to give comfort to the passengers while they are waiting for their flights within the airport.
The helicopters that are parked in this airport are usually used by the forces for search & rescue operations. There is no disturbance caused to the civilian flights due to the military flight operations in the airport. Moreover, if you are planning on moving to/from the Anglesey airport then you can also book a chartered flight or private jet for yourself by getting in touch with the airport authorities and the charter plane service provider.






Anglesey RAF Valley Airport NX Location