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Private Jet Charter To/From Amritsar Airport VIAR / ATQ


Amritsar Airport is one of the busiest airports of India as it is the tourist destination for Golden Temple of India. The airport is located 11km away from the city and there is a newly expanded terminal as well. In the new terminal, there are many interesting facilities available for the passengers to pass their time while they wait for the flight to arrive. The management of the airport is very controllable as they have multiple check-in counters to handle the large crowd at a single time. Along with that, there are stores, shops and restaurants for people to relax while they are waiting for the flight to arrive.
In case you are new to travel in flight, every counter at this airport has some airline executives who will guide you throughout the process. The airport is counted as one of the busiest airports of India because it has a capacity of handling around 1.46 million passengers. As per the records, the numbers of passengers who pass through the airport doors every year are less than the overall capacity. The expansion has made the airport ready for the heavy seasonal passenger traffic flow. There are luxury lounges for the passengers to rest between their flights.






Amritsar Airport India Location