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Private Jet Charter To/From Amos Airport CYEY / YEY


Amos airport is a tiny airport which is just a mile from the aerodrome that has the same name. This airport is also named as Magny Airport and it has an accompanying aerodrome in west that usually operates together. They lack bigger facilities as they are very small. They are much like an air strip where mostly private jets or chartered flights land and take off. Mostly training flights land and take off from these airports and general aviation training is given to the people in this airport. If you are looking for some bigger facilities while you move to Canada, then pick some bigger airports with multiple terminals for the same.
No scheduled flights or big flights land here in this airport or aerodrome. But yes, if you are willing to come to nearby locations around this airport then you can definitely pick up the option of chartered flights or private jets that can land and take off from this airport or aerodrome. You just have to get in touch with the respective authorities or the private service providers who have flights to help you commute to this airport privately. Reach out to them and get your charter flight bookings done.






Amos Airport Canada Location