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Amman Civil

The Amman civil airport is closer to the centre of the city as compared to Amman Queen Alia International Airport. Both the airports are located in the same city at different distances. As the Amman Civil Airport is closer to the city centre, there is a private VIP terminal for the chartered flights and private jets. Moreover, the airport is also holding a facility for aviation training. There is an expansion plan within the pipeline that will enhance the luxury amenities of the airport. As the airport is small and limited with facilities for now, the expansion plan will change the face of the airport with stores, shops, lounges and other such facilities.
Amongst the long-term development project, there is a plan to introduce big shopping area within the terminals for VIP guests to pass their time exploring the complexes until their flight arrives. Along with the internal renovations, the terminals will also be renovated especially for the arrivals which need prior attention in this airport. For booking the chartered flights or private jets for moving to/from the Amman Civil Airport, you must talk to the airport authorities or private service providers to get your bookings done.






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