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Private Jet Charter To/From Altenrhein Airport LSZR / ACH


Altenrhein airport was founded back in 1926. It is a very old airport and it has a very deep history. This airport was used during the Second World War for the fights with Basel, Munich, Innsbruck and Dubendorf. After the war situation was over, in 1980, the Altenrhein airport started flights to/from Vienna. At that period of the year, the Altenrhein airport went through a massive expansion with terminals, facilities and other amenities. The expansion took place again in the early 2000s. After the expansion was over, in 2013, the flights to Vienna offered by Austrian Airlines were discontinued from Altenrhein Airport.
There might be different reasons for that but the Viennaline airlines and VLM Airlines continued to offer flight to Vienna. They are offering both scheduled as well as chartered flights to Vienna. Chartered flights are luxury trend that allows people to book private flights to move to their desired locations. You need to get in touch with the right persons to get you the bookings done for private jets or chartered flights to/from Altenrhein airport. Alenrhein airport has many facilities within the premises for the passengers to experience utmost comfort and luxury. There are stores, shops and restaurants for the passengers to pass their time.






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