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Private Jet Charter To/From Alotau Airport AYGN / GUR


Alotau airport is also popularly known as Gurney Airport, after the Royal Australian Air Force Squadron Leader, named C.R. Gurney. It is located at 88 feet elevation above the mean sea level. The airport has a single runway for general aviation facilities. Alotau airport has all the amenities and facilities to ensure optimum comfort and convenience for the passengers. The airport has enough seats to enable travelers to wait comfortably when the flights get delayed. It accommodates several passenger airlines that operate from Australia, Cairns to Gurney. It also accommodates the freight services as essential. Alotau airport aims at making the flying experience of the people as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. For this reason, the airport houses a wide array of dining, entertainment, and other services and facilities. The restaurants present in the airport offer high quality, fresh and healthy food to the passengers. The free and fast Wi-Fi internet connectivity offered at the airport allows the customers to enjoy their time while waiting to board their flights. The airport also has several duty-free shops that allow travelers to get all the essentials they require for their travel. All the facilities and amenities help in enhancing the overall experiences of the passenger.






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