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Private Jet Charter To/From Along Airport VEAN / IXV


Along Airport is located in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, India. The airport is located 2km away from the city of Along. Along Airport is also commonly known as Aalo airport. It is a military terminal made especially for the purpose. It has a capacity of 20 passengers. Back in the year 2011, the Indian Air Force requested the airport authority to clear the surrounding land of 7 acres and eradicate all the obstacles to seek development of a Civil Enclave. After this, the request was fulfilled and the decisions were implemented. It is a small air strip for the military planes and choppers to land. It is more like an aerodrome than an airport.
Even if it is meant for the military flights and choppers, the private jets and chartered flights can land and take off from this airport with special permissions. The airport authorities or private service providers can arrange the service as per your needs and requirements. The prices are also nominal for taking a private jet to your desired destination or land in Along airport. You get luxury and privacy when you pick up the option of commuting through private jet or chartered planes. Along airport has that facility and you can avail it.






Along Airport India Location