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Algiers International

Algiers International Airport is also named as Houari Boumediene Airport. It is one of the popular international airports of Algeria. The airport is located right next to the capital of the country, Algiers. There are three terminals available in this airport. It indicates the potential of passenger and flight handling capacity of the airport. One of these terminals is specifically used for pilgrimage and chartered flights. The other two terminals are designated for international and domestic flights. It is one of the biggest airports of Algeria that has two asphalt runways capable of withstanding most of the larger aircrafts.
The chartered flight terminal is destined only for handling the smaller flights. If you want to travel to/from Algiers International airport through chartered flights then you might need to get in touch with the right service providers and book your flight or private jet. There is no separate runway for such flights as only the parking bay or terminal is categorized for such smaller flights to keep the other two terminals clear for scheduled flights to park. Not all airports have the ability to create runways for most of the largest aircrafts, but Algiers airport has preparations for the same.






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