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Alexandria Aerodrome

Alexandria Aerodrome is not considered to be as an airport as no scheduled flights run on its runway. It is a small air strip where only smaller flights such as chartered planes and private jets usually land. If some of the airports have facilities of transporting passengers with smaller flights with permission then they can land here at Alexandria Aerodrome. It is situated near the Ontario/Quebec border. Moreover, it is also near to the Montreal Terminal airspace. All the general aviation activities are done here.
Along with that, the Alexandria Aerodrome consists of a skydiving school and a glider group to coach the individuals who turn up. These groups utilize the aerodrome ground for their training space. There are only grass runways available within the Alexandria Aerodrome which indicates that only private jets and chartered planes can land or take off from this air strip. If you are moving from or to Alexandria Aerodrome then you might need to get in touch with the respective service providers. They will arrange you private jets to commute to/from Alexandria Aerodrome. There are many private firms who offer such services to help you utilise this tiny aerodrome area for your travelling needs.






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