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Allepo airport was upgraded and renovated in 1999. As the modern airports were improving their facilities, Allepo decided not to stay back in the race. Aleppo airport has experienced the taste of modernization with the inclusion of new facilities. Along with that, new terminal was also introduced within the airport but all the flights were suspended in 2012 for the airport and in 2013, the airport was shut down due to the Syrian Civil War. It was a downtime for the airport and also for the passengers who were stuck there without a source of transportation.
But after the war was over, the airport authority adapted several measures to ensure that the buildings can be reopened once again for the flights to take off and land. All the measures implemented by the authorities came to action in January, 2014. After it was reopened again, the flow of passengers got back to normal just like nothing happened ever. Since then, the airport has never experienced a reduced flow of passengers in the terminals. Along with that, the Aleppo airport has also allowed charter flight services to their passengers. You have to get in touch with the service providers to book your flights.






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