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Private Jet Charter To/From Alderney Airport EGJA / ACI


Alderney Airport is the closest channel airport for both France and England. There are two grass runways and one asphalt runway for bigger flights. There is a small terminal building that has check-in counters and to process the passengers to scheduled flights. The space is less for which the utilisation is done accordingly. There is an arrival room and departure lounge to make the passengers comfortable while they are waiting for flight during departure or are waiting for their cab after arrival. The best part of this Alderney airport is that is operated throughout the year without a single day off.
The operating hours might be fluctuating or seasonal based upon which the scheduled flights are planned. The facilities are limited within the airport as in stores, shops and restaurants due to the restriction in terms of space. Though there are plans of expansion in the pipeline, the authorities need to implement it only after considering the space and location of the airport. Moreover, there are chartered flight services also available for the civilians to avail. They just need to reach out to the right person in-charge to book their chartered planes or private jets to move to/from Alderney Airport.






Alderney Airport Guernsey Location