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Albenga airport is also named as Clemente Panero International Airport. It is a small airport that consists of only one runway and terminal. As the size of the airport is small, the facilities available within the premises are also limited. Though there are many development plans in the pipeline, there is no much space available for execution. For the passengers or travellers, there is a small parking place to park their vehicles. Along with that, as per the flight schedules, the airport is only open from 8:30 to 18:30. As all the running flights operate within this time span, the airport operations are also closed after 18:30.
As the plan of expansion of the airport is still under development, there is a possibility that this airport might operate 24 hours with more flights and passengers. It is one of the popular airports of Italy and with proper development and inclusion of facilities, people would prefer this airport above others. Moreover, there are chartered plane services available to/from this airport. You can take private jet or chartered planes to your desired destination. You have to get in touch with the firms offering such services or talk to the airport authorities to guide you with the process.






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