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Private Jet Charter To/From Al Hoceima Airport GMTA / AHU

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Al Hoceima

Al Hoceima Airport is located in the city of Al Hoceima. The city is a beautiful tourist spot that has a lot of Mediterranean beaches. The city is named after Al-Idrisik, Muslim geographer & cartographer. As the passengers come in with a heavy flow, it is states as the second busiest airport in all of Northern Morocco. The airport is not that big but is still one of the most preferable one for the travellers who are travelling to Al Hoceima. It has one runway which is constructed 29m above sea level.
Along with that, there is a duty free shop for the travellers or passengers to buy some goods without any additional taxes on it. Even though the airport is small, there are still some dine in shops for you to have your delicious food before you get into your flight. The facilities are still somehow limited but are enough to give the travellers a comfortable waiting time while inside the airport. The hospitality and atmosphere of the airport is luxurious. It does have a crunch on space aspects but smaller facilities are enough to help you relax peacefully under the cold breeze of the airport atmosphere until your flight gets parked and ready to take off.






Al Hoceima Airport Morocco Location