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Al Baha

Al Baha Airport is the small domestic airport that is located in the state of Al Bahah. The city is the capital of Al Bahah Province. The airport is small and consists of only one terminal and runway. The terminal building is also small with fewer facilities due to the restrictive size of the airport. There are many flights moving throughout the day to almost all destinations of Saudi Arabia. The most common flights that take off and land are to/from Riyadh, Jaddah and Dammam. The flight services are scheduled accordingly.
The airport is situated in a small place for which the development projects are also on halt. But there are some ideas in the pipeline that the authorities are planning on integration to ensure that the small space could be utilised for offering convenience to the passengers. The facilities such as resting lounge, shops, stores and others are limited for now as the space within the terminal building is very restrictive. Even though there is just one runway and terminal, the flow of flights and passengers is high all the time. You can also book charter planes to/from this airport to/from any destinations across Saudi Arabia. You just have to look for the right service providers.






Al Baha Airport Saudi Arabia Location