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Private Jet Charter To/From Adana Airport LTAF / ADA


Adana Airport is a small of its kind and is originally known as Adana Sakirpasa Airport and is in Turkey. It usually operates with the domestic flights but also has some flights taking off and landing to & from different international locations. Even though this airport is small, there are three terminals which is meant for domestic, international and cargo respectively. The terminals are separated to make it easy for the airport authority to manage the flow of flights. It is a small airport but the domestic flow of flights is very high here. Moreover, international flights are now also increasing for which the project plans are being prepared for expanding the airport.
The Adana airport serves the Cukurova region and has air charter services available for the airport as well. You need to ensure that you reach out to the right person in the airport who can help you avail the air charter services. The airport being small handles the cargo flight operations as well. The cargo flights are meant to transport goods from different parts of the world to Turkey. Adana airport is the landing point for most of the cargo flights. There is ample amount of space for landing and parking of the cargo flights. Moreover, the management authorities have taken special measures to channelize the flight control aspects.






Adana Airport Turkey Location