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Abu Dhabi International

Abu Dhabi International Airport is the second largest airport of UAE and it consists of two runways and three terminals. The terminals of Abu Dhabi International airport are filled with luxury stalls and stores for the travellers to halt and enjoy their time in the airport. There is a variety of select stores and shops where you can eat, relax, shop and just hang out without worrying about your flight. There is a constant announcement team speaking out for the flights that are ready to park or leave. With this, you will never miss out your flight if you are in the passenger terminal of the Abu Dhabi International Airport.
Apart from the three terminals specified for the passengers, there is a special VIP terminal where only the celebrities and big personalities are allowed to rest and relax until their flight arrives. The VIP terminal has private access to parking, drop-off, check-in and security. Moreover, there is a luxurious lounge in the VIP terminal for the bigger personalities to feel more special. There are many flights running from Abu Dhabi International Airport to different parts of the world. They operate with regional, domestic and international flights. Abu Dhabi Airport is known for its big space and luxurious terminals and lounges for passengers.






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