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Private Jet Charter To/From Abha Airport OEAB / AHB


Abha Airport is one of the smallest regional airports of Saudi Arabia and is situated in the city of Abha. The airport operates with both regional and domestic flights. Along with that, it also operates with international flights to UAE, Qatar and Egypt. Even though it is a small airport, the passenger rush is always high here. It consists of a single runway and a passenger terminal that makes it a standard airport. The flight running count is less but it still holds the important flights to some of the common destinations across Saudi Arabia and outside the country as well.
As the size of the airport is small, the facilities available within the premises are less. You might not find stalls and stores within the premises as the limited staff and space in the airport does not permit it. Moreover, chartered private jets can also land in this airport. Moreover, people can also book air charter service at this airport in Saudi Arabia. You need to get in touch with the respective service persons in the airport to know more about the charter jet services in Abha Airport. Even though the luxury statements are less here, the airport is still fully functional with the dedicated staff and employees.






Abha Airport Saudi Arabia Location