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Private Jet Charter To/From Aarhus Airport EKAH / AAR


The Aarhus airport is a small airport that is at a convenient location to the northeast of Aarhus, a city in Denmark. At Tirstrup, 19 nautical miles from Aarhus, this airport is practically the gateway to many European destinations from Aarhus. The airport provides exceptional proximity to the Aarhus city center. Presently, the airport includes only one terminal building that has been renovated recently between 2007 and 2009. There are two runways and it covers a broader route and charter network with access to and from various important European destinations. Many of the destinations are seasonal therefore requiring passengers to check regularly for availability of flights. Although the facilities at the airport are particularly limited due to its smaller size, the Aarhus airport definitely provides exceptional customer service with its well-trained workforce. Passengers can access Wi-Fi services as well as the garden outside the airport as promising facilities for spending their time actively. The airport also has a special zone for smoking that is suitable for people looking for the small dash of nicotine before boarding their flights. The airport also offers the option of hiring extra-durable flight cases and bags, delivered at the airport on the request of passengers. Furthermore, passengers could also avail disability assistance at the airport.






Aarhus Airport Denmark Location