New Zealand

Whangarei Airport


Whangarei Airport is situated on the east coast of North Island in New Zealand. It consists of a single runway. Now the airport consists of a small air-conditioned passenger terminal along with two gates. The remarkable aspect of this airport is that it is conveniently connected to its local areas through rental cars, taxis, shuttle buses, etc. It is located 4 NM from the southeast of Whangarei. The Whangarei District Airport used to operate this airport along with its developmental and maintenance activities. Here passengers can enjoy free and fast Wi-Fi services to pass their time. If you are flying with your children or kids, then you can avail of various baby care facilities such as diaper changing tables. Usually, the airport is close at night. So you can book nearby hotels to spend the night. You will find multiple rental car services at nominal service charges. Here a variety of taxi and shuttle rides are also available. This airport also offers lounge services. Moreover, it provides convenient facilities for passengers and airport staff as well. Here you will also get secure parking facilities. There are mobile charging stations are available throughout the airport. Many eateries and food options are also open here.

Wellington Airport


Wellington Airport is considered the international airport in New Zealand. It is the third-largest that is situated behind Auckland and Christchurch. This international airport is located in the suburb of Rongotai in Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand and lies 3 NM or 5.5 km south-east from the city center. Wellington Airport was formally known as Rongotai airport and is a popular hub for Air New Zealand and its subsidiaries. It is owned by Infratil sixty-six percent and thirty-four percent by Wellington City Council. For the IFR movement, this international airport is considered the second busiest airport in New Zealand. This airport has one runway, one thousand eight hundred and fifteen meters in length, and it is making it suitable for mid-sized narrow-bodied aircraft to safely land at the airport. Wellington Airport is a unique airport that has a giant sculpture of Gollum from Lord of the rings suspended from the ceiling within the terminal. It handles turboprop, narrow-body, and wide-body jet aircraft movements. Residential and commercial areas border the airport to the east and west. It is the best place for the tourist to hangout.

Rotorua Airport


Rotorua Airport is a public airport in Rotorua, New Zealand. This airport is located on Te Ngae Road (SH30) in the suburb of Rotokawa, approximately 6 km northeast of Rotorua CBD. You may find the terminal in the Rotorua Airport that consists of a two-storey building with six tarmac gates and is home to a cafe, book store and conference room. It is a popular and beautiful airport that is operated by Rotorua Airport Limited. It also consists of general aviation hangars located to both the north and the south of the main terminal, as well as an avgas pump at the southern end of the apron. Rotorua Airport consists of the main runway which is 2114m long and is sealed with asphalt. It also consists of shorter grass runway (18L/36R) which runs parallel to the main runway, although the proximity of the two runways means that they can’t be used simultaneously. This small airport is used for commercial purpose. The tourist connivance consists of a single terminal building containing a Relay Bookstore, small café and meeting room facilities. Unfortunately, there is no VIP lounge located at this airport.

Queenstown Airport


Queenstown Airport provides terminal building. Recently this airport undergoes upgradation and renovation work. This airport is situated in Frankton in Otago, New Zealand. In 2018 this airport handled 2.25 million passenger traffic. The Queenstown Airport Corporation Ltd. used to operate this airport along with its developmental and maintenance activities. It majorly serves Queenstown, Arrowtown. It offers various facilities and services for passengers. Its amenities include luggage & key storage, ATMs, currency exchange, internet access and many more. Here, passengers can enjoy high-speed internet access. In case you lost any of your property then you can also submit a report about this. It also has a parents room; children play area, postal box facility, etc. There is a public telephone available outside of its main terminal. Here, you will also find a bike assembly point which is available out of its terminal building. There are automatic doors present throughout its terminal building. Also, it has toilets with proper maintenance. You will also find the first aid room. In this airport, the information desks are also available to assist passengers with their issues and questions. Moreover, this airport has all the high-quality facilities. It also follows safety guidelines for customers. There is a parking area also available near this airport.

Hawkes Bay Airport

Hawke’s Bay

Napier Airport is situated in Westshore, which is the suburb of Napier. This airport is well connected with all nearby local areas through the bus, rental cars and other vehicles. This airport consists of three runways. Recently, it has added some extra features into its terminal building and planning to expand other features too. Also, this airport is commonly known as Hawke’s Bay Airport. The Hawke’s Bay Airport Ltd used to operate this airport along with its maintenance and developmental works. In the year 2013, this airport was handled near about 452,000 passenger traffic. Interestingly, its terminal will offer you a secure car parking facility. Other facilities include coffee café, small retail, shops, luggage storage services, etc. Also, its check-in service includes staffed counters and Air New Zealand self-check-in. You will also get a taxi and other shuttle bus services near this airport. Another remarkable fact of this airport, it opens nearly 60 minutes before its first flight. You will also find toilets throughout this airport. Moreover, it has good facilities for customers. In its main terminal, you can also get all information related to flights and their timings. You can also contact its airport staff in case of any doubts or questions.

Gisborne Airport


Gisborne Airport is the regional airport located in the suburb of Elgin 4.2 k, from the city center of Gisborne on the East Coast of the North Island of New Zealand. The best thing about this Gisborne Airport is that it is among the few airports globally that have a railway line, the Palmerston North-Gisborne Line, crossing the main runway. Gisborne Airport has a single terminal with four tarmac gates. It covers the area of around one hundred and sixty hectares and includes a sealed and night-capable runway at one thousand three hundred and ten meters in length. This airport also includes three grass runways that are suitable for light aircraft. Gisborne Airport is set on Gisborne’s outskirts, which offers travelers a single terminal with two gates and a café. The best thing about this airport is that it offers regional flights to some of New Zealand’s biggest hubs on the North Island of New Zealand. The biggest hubs of the Gisborne Airport are Auckland, Wellington, and Napier. Gisborne Airport includes a runway that is intersected by a local railway line, which makes it the most popular airport. The flights need to wait to land and take off as the train crosses the runway.

Hamilton International

Hamilton International Airport is a popular airport that has grown to become one of Canada’s largest airports for domestic air-cargo distribution and commercial air cargo. This international airport is located fourteen kilometers south of Hamilton city, which is approximately a twenty-minute drive. Hamilton International Airport is a part of the neighborhood of Mount Hope, six nautical miles southwest of Toronto. This airport serves the cities of Greater Toronto and Hamilton. Hamilton International Airport is a public airport that is owned by the city of Hamilton and is operated by TradePort International Corporation. It is the hub of Cargojet, SkyLink express, and Purolator. Hamilton International Airport is a beautiful airport and the best spot for the tourist to enjoy the best facilities. This airport is considered the tenth busiest airport in New Zealand in regard to passenger traffic. Hamilton International Airport is a single terminal airport with one runway. It is currently the largest airport that is able to land at Hamilton is Boeing 767s and Airbus A3000. The best part of this airport is that it is open twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.

Dunedin Airport


Built-in 1962, this international airport is one of the fifth busiest airports in New Zealand. There are several airlines that provide air service to many cities in New Zealand and Australia lands on this airport. So, planning your trips to land in this airport would be one of the most profitable decisions. Reaching to this airport, you can access every part of New Zealand. You can also charter private jets to the airports to find ultimate luxury. The airport has spacious and massive terminals for passengers. Passengers can find much room arriving at the airport. There are five massive gates among which two of the gates have jet bridges.
Besides, its capacity, and efficiency, the airport is also known for its amenities. So, you can find duty-free stores. Along with the duty-free shops, you can also find many retail stores to find all your essentials at the airport. So, if you forgot anything on the trip, this airport has everything to buy. You also get VIP lounge and waiting halls. These lounges come with 24×7 free Wi-Fi. So, if you want entertainment on your trip, landing in this airport is always considerable. You will also get car rental services to book a ride to many parts of New Zealand.

Christchurch International

Christchurch Airport is known as the second busiest airport after Auckland Airport in New Zealand. Nearly 157 international flights and 900 domestic flights arrive and depart from the airport every week. It is located in the Harewood suburb. The airport started functioning officially in 1940. However, its international operations began only in 1950. It has the capacity of handling Airbus A380s and Boeing 747s and remains functional all round the clock. It has the potential of handling nearly 7.9 million passengers in a year. After the beginning of international operations, the airport has undergone several expansions and infrastructure upgrades to accommodate the increasing number of passengers. Christ church Airport has a single terminal that is used for international and domestic flights. It has two runways. The old domestic terminal was demolished recently, and a new terminal building was constructed in 2013. You can easily find all the essential amenities and facilities at the airport to ensure a smooth, convenient, and hassle-free travel. The airport features airline lounges for the VIP and business travellers to enable them to rest while waiting for their flights to depart. The operations and facilities at the airport are being enhanced to ensure optimum satisfaction of the travellers.


Auckland Airport is one of the best-known international airports of New Zealand. This airport is destined to welcome over 71% of the air travelers to New Zealand. There are few alternative and secondary airports in New Zealand but Auckland airport stands as the best amongst all in terms of flight operations, availability, terminal facilities and others. the second largest airport in New Zealand is named as Christchurch International Airport. The Auckland airport has two runways and both are made up of asphalt which is capable of holding bigger flights. The two runways within the airport are running parallel to one another. Auckland airport also has two terminals one of which is the large international terminal while the other one is a small domestic terminal. The international terminal is going through a renovation project to make it look even more astounding. Each terminal has a lot of shops, restaurants and stores to make the premises comfortable and engaging for the consumers. Moreover, the international terminal also has a VIP lounge for the travelers who want more luxury and privacy. The VIP lounge is equipped with VIP facilities. For the abroad travelers who have a delayed flight can choose to relax in the VIP lounge for a peaceful rest.