Bastia Poretta Airport


BASTIA PORETTA AIRPORT is a hub in the French transport network enabling travelers to reach the region around Lucciana. From this airport, you could quickly get a connection to other forms of road transport that you may require. BASTIA PORETTA AIRPORT is located on the northern end of Corsica’s French Mediterranean island and is one of the principal airports on the island. It is a small but beautiful airport in Bastia Poretta that servers the northeast of the island. In the past, this popular airport was used by the military. But now it offers flights into and around Europe, with most flights operating on a seasonal basis. The BASTIA PORETTA AIRPORT is a small airport due to which it comes with limited facilities at the one terminal building. It offers Air charter services where you could enjoy the private jet charters for both business and leisure purposes. With private charter flights, busy professionals could enjoy a range of advantages that includes time-efficiency. The private jet services to the BASTIA PORETTA AIRPORT are the perfect way to fulfill multiple meetings in different cities, and it also allows you to remain productive while traveling. The BASTIA PORETTA AIRPORT is a beautiful airport for tourist attraction.


BASEL MULHOUSE FREIBURG AIRPORT is the international airport that is located in Saint-Louis, France. This airport is also known as EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg, and there are many exciting things about this airport. BASEL MULHOUSE FREIBURG AIRPORT runs equally by the French and Swiss. And you may find two different sides to the terminal building. Depending on these two terminal building sides, you could choose to fly into and out of the Airport. There are multiple codes available in this airport because of the two sides of the terminal building. Here you could also find the single terminal building and private lounge. If you are traveling on international flights of BASEL MULHOUSE FREIBURG AIRPORT, you could easily take advantage of the duty-free prices. There are many exciting. There are many adventurous activities and things to do around the BASEL MULHOUSE FREIBURG AIRPORT. It is a great place that includes a beautiful fountain which could provide you with a relaxing and pleasing experience that you could enjoy. This airport is very cozy and includes beautiful architecture and natural light. You can also charter a private jet to BASEL MULHOUSE FREIBURG AIRPORT with Air charter services if you want.

Annecy Meythet Airport

Annecy Meythet Airport

Annecy Meythet Airport located a little over northwest from Annecy which situated between Metz-Tessy and Meythet. It located in Rhone-Alpes regions situated in France. This airport provides impressive access to French resorts. Its terminal building is now adding more features into it for creating a high standard of meeting room and passenger lounges. You can get low prices to travel offers for Annecy Meythet. This quite a small airport which only used for private travel purposes. Many people take help of private jet charter to travel Annecy Meythet airport.
Annecy Meythet Airport located in Metz-Tessy town. Suppose you are trying to reach to the airport and then head towards the centre of Annecy. Once you notice the sign for the airport, then follow it. This airport is marked well starting from the centre position of Annecy. Annecy Meythet Airport is a small regional airport having some limited facilities. It has a single terminal system with a waiting area for all boarding passengers. You can also find a courtesy phone near the entrance by using that you can call a taxi. There are some vending machines also present at this airport, but their price ranges are a little high. The car parking area is directly located in the airport’s front.

Angouleme Cognac International

Cognac International airport is serving the city of Angouleme and it is located 15km to the northeast of the city. The airport is small and has a single runway for taking off and landing of the flights. There are basic passenger facilities that are embedded to ensure that the passengers find their comfort while they wait for their flights. There are shops, stores, lounges and small food stores to keep the passengers engaged during their halt time at the airport.
With the single runway and single terminal, the airport cannot handle more number of flights on a daily basis. But the airport does operate the scheduled flights smoothly and tries its best to never delay the operations. Even though the airport is small, but the management staffs put all effort to make sure that the passengers are attended with utmost concern. For the new passengers who are unaware of the processes to board the flight, there are airline staff members to guide them with the process. The Cognac International airport also allows taking off and landing of chartered flights and private jets. You can avail the extra privacy and luxury by booking your travel in chartered flights to/from Cognac International airport.

Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte Airport

Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte

The Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte Airport is also known as the Campo dell’Oro Airport. This is an international airport that though serves Ajaccio, which is the capital of Corsica in France. As evident, the airport has been named after Napoleon Bonaparte, who too had taken birth in Ajaccio. To be specific about location, it is situated in Ajaccio, i.e. 5 km to the east of harbour of Ajaccio. It is the primary base of Air Corsica. The airport had dealt with 1,673,308 passengers in the year 2018. There is a single passenger terminal part of this airport.
The Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte Airport is known for the incredible facilities it provides, which ranges from the ATMs, business centres, facilities for baby care, duty free stores, restaurants, shops, help desk, post office, and everything else expected. Communication facility is quite excellent from here, and to this airport. Here one can enjoy shuttle bus facility that links the airport with the city centre. There is excellent taxi facility available as well. Apart from this, one can go by car rental options as well. In fact, one can find car rental service providers at the main terminal of the airport itself.

Agen La Garenne

The Agen La Garenne Airport was developed as a military ground, which provided a quick connection for business leaders. Currently, it operates as a very active airport, which is responsible for about 30 to 35,000 landings and take-offs on a yearly basis. The airport offers a diverse range of amenities for the flyers so that they can have a smooth experience while taking their flight. The free car parking situated near the terminal ensures that the vehicles of the people are secured in the premises. The car rental onsite provision is available for the passengers, which enables them to move into and out of the grounds in a seamless manner. The airport terminals are designed to offer effortless mobility at the time of arrival and departure. The live information on flight arrival as well as departure information ensures that the flyers are constantly kept updated about their flights. The lounge and waiting section of the airport ensures that the comfort of the passengers is given top priority. The main airline that operates in the Agen La Garenne Airport is Air France Hop. The functional design of the airport interior creates an amicable atmosphere which makes it easy for passengers to wait for their flights.

Aix-en-Provence airport

Aix-en-provence airport

Aix-en-Provence airport is also called as the Aix les Milles Airport. This airport primarily serves Aix-en-Provence, which is primarily a commune that is a part of Bouches-du-Rhône department of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region of France. The airport is situated at only 6 km west-southwest of Aix-en-Provence, which belongs to the Les Miles village.
Aix-end provence airport is immensely popular as it has been used as military air base as well, primarily called Base Aerienne 114 d’Aix Les Milles. In fact, a branch of École nationale de l’aviation civile, i.e., French civil aviation university is also situated at the airport.
Aix-en-provence airport is also quite known for its typical location. It has been established at the peak of 368 feel, i.e. 112 meters from the sea level. There is a runway part of the airport called 15/33 that is made up of asphalt surface. Its dimension is measured by the 1600 x 30 meters, which is 5,249 x 98 feets.
The nearest airport from where one can reach Aix-en-Provence airport is the Marseille airport, which is situated at only 14 km from it.
Avignon airport comes next being situated at 57km distance from here. Among others, Toulon-Hyères airport (77km) and Nimes airport also are situated under 100 km from Aix-en-provence airport.