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Toamasina is located in the Great East region of Madagascar and has a population of close to 104,000 residents. Toamasina is well known for its port and was once known as Tamatave. In 1793 merchants built a fort there which later changed into a city in the 19th century.

The weather in Toamasina in summer is really hot and dry with temperatures rising to as high as 38°C. Luckily, the city is served by Toamasina Airport (TMM) so flying in on a private jet charter can be an enjoyable way to travel there.

Charter jets to Toamasina with Private jets. The gateway from the private jets in Madagascar is located at Ivato International Airport (TMM) and has a runway measuring 2,529 meters in length and 24 meters wide. It also handles both domestic and international flights.

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