Aircraft model Dassault Falcon 900 LX

Dassault Falcon 900 LX

Dassault, a company known for having high standards of engineering and structural quality but also with technological advancement to back up those assertions, made an impact on the heavy-iron private jet market with their Falcon 900. Ten years later they improved this already great aircraft and introduced in its place, the Dassault Falcons 900EX – making it even better than before.
The cabin is expansive; 6ft6in height x 7’7″ width (1/2m) = 39f t long when not including cockpit); 1264 cu ft volume; standard seating 8 or 12 passengers in double club configuration + 3 person divan). Seats can be reclined & combined giving more room if you need extra space!

About This Aircraft



Cruise Altitude

39000 Ft


9 H 16 min

Galley Type


Max Golf


Max Skis


Min Runway

5213 Ft

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Dassault Falcon 900 LX Specification

Comfort Pax


Aircraft Type

Mid Jet

Price Per Hour

$7,020 - $11,700

Cruise Speed

590 Kts

Aircraft Length

66' 3

Cabin Width

7' 7

Cabin Height

6' 1

Cabin Length

33' 1


4750 Nm

Baggage Capacity

127 cu. ft.