Aircraft model Bombardier Learjet 25

Bombardier Learjet 25

The Learjet family began with the original six to eight seat Lear Jet 23 which first flew on October 7 1963. The diminutive Model 23 pioneered an entirely new market segment for the light business jets, and proved very successful.
The first production of these small aircraft was delivered in 1964 but it quickly became outdated as newer models were released throughout 1966 after many pilots requested a more powerful engine that could carry heavier loads than what existed at that time; this is how they developed into one of today’s most popular private jet charter flights available!

About This Aircraft



Cruise Altitude

41000 Ft


2 H 39 min

Galley Type


Max Golf


Max Skis


Min Runway

5000 Ft

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Bombardier Learjet 25 Specification

Comfort Pax


Aircraft Type

Light Jet

Price Per Hour

$3,549 - $4,504

Cruise Speed

415 Kts

Aircraft Length

48' 8

Cabin Width

4' 9

Cabin Height

4' 1

Cabin Length

12' 2


1100 Nm

Baggage Capacity

40 cu. ft.