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Aircraft Model Bombardier Global Express 5000

About This Aircraft

In the end, it is a matter of personal preference. However, if you are looking for a fast and luxurious long-distance aircraft that can also fly internationally without any restrictions on fuel or weight capacity then this may be your best choice!

The Bombardier Global 5000 (model designation BD-700-1A11) is based off of the popular global express jet with 0.813 m reduction in forward fuselage length and 1200 nm less maximum range than its predecessor. The seating capacity ranges from 19 passengers to just 7 which provides more room per passenger at an equivalent cost as other 5 seat jets like Boeing Business Jet IIs or Gulfstream G550s

Cruise Altitude
51000 FT
9 H 21 min
Galley Type
Min Runway
5000 Ft
Max Golf
Max SKIs
11 FT

Bombardier Global Express 5000


Comfort Pax


Aircraft Type

Price Per Hour

$8,295 - $15,337

Cruise Speed

513 KTS

Aircraft Length

96' 75

Cabin Width

8' 17

Cabin Height

6' 25

Cabin Length

42' 5


4800 NM

Baggage Capacity


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