Aircraft model Bombardier Challenger 800

Bombardier Challenger 800

The Bombardier Challenger 800 is a variant of the regional jet airliner that has an unparalleled long range. It also offers unprecedented reliability, productivity and comfort with its spacious cabin.

The CRJ-100 series was replaced in production by the “CRJ-200”, which had fit GE CF34-3B1 turbofans with improved fuel consumption as well as new variants to include a longer ranged model called “Ch 200ER” for more cargo capacity and performance or if you need even more distance there’s always “Ch 200LR”. The business jet version comes equipped with all luxury amenities such like leather seating decks, plush carpeting throughout so your feet never get cold on winter mornings when boarding at 7:00 am after staying out too

About This Aircraft



Cruise Altitude

41000 Ft


7 H 4 min

Galley Type


Max Golf


Max Skis


Min Runway

5000 Ft

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Bombardier Challenger 800 Specification

Comfort Pax


Aircraft Type

Large Jet

Price Per Hour


Cruise Speed

442 Kts

Aircraft Length

87' 10

Cabin Width

8' 17

Cabin Height

6' 8

Cabin Length

45' 3


3120 Nm

Baggage Capacity

202 cu. ft.